Welcome to the website of Frank Walker, Australian author and freelance journalist based in Sydney. 

The site introduces my four non-fiction books – two on the Vietnam War, one on the British nuclear tests in Australia and a new book on daring raids behind enemy lines in World War 2 – as well as my journalistic work.

I relish talking to readers of my books and this site makes it easy for people to contact me with their comments. I will reply to them all, and with permission may post some on the readers’ comments page.

I also enjoy giving talks on the controversial subjects my books raise so contact me if you’d like a stimulating public discussion at your meeting.

Click through the site to read about my books: The Tiger Man of Vietnam, Ghost Platoon, Maralinga and Commandos. The first three were bestsellers and there is enormous interest in Commandos.

All are published by Hachette as both paperback and ebook.


I took the photo above when I visited the outback nuclear test site in South Australia researching Maralinga. I really admired the guts of this lonely gnarly stubby tree struggling and surviving in the harsh dry flat desert. It seemed a fitting image for the men I’d spoken to who survived despite what was done to them during the nuclear tests.