Frank Walker is an Australian author and freelance journalist based in Sydney with more than 40 years' experience in newspapers and radio.

As a newspaperman he's been foreign correspondent for Australian newspapers based in the United States and Europe.

He covered everything from crime to politics before specialising in defence, security, military, terrorism and veterans’ affairs. He has worked on The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, for News International in New York, Deutsche Welle radio in Germany, the German newsagency DPA and the investigate weekly The National Times

He reported from the war in Afghanistan, terrorist attacks in Indonesia, a military coup in Fiji, and the tsunami in Thailand. He is now a freelance journalist writing about Australia for several overseas and domestic outlets.

Leaving newspapers allowed Frank to focus on writing investigative books. Books give him the time to dig beneath the propaganda to uncover the real stories of dirty politics and the effect it has on those who do the fighting.

He has written two best selling investigative non-fiction books on the Vietnam War  – The Tiger Man of Vietnam and Ghost Platoon.

His landmark book Maralinga is a chilling expose of the British nuclear tests in Australia in the 1950s and 60s and secret radiation experiments done on the entire Australian population.

In Commandos he gives vivid blow-by-blow accounts of some of the most daring raids behind enemy lines done by Australians and New Zealanders in World War Two.

Traitors reveals dirty wartime secrets of some of the corporations that are still household names today and examines why so many Nazi and Japanese war criminals who committed terrible atrocities against our troops were allowed to go free by our political leaders.