Commandos tells amazing true stories of daring raids behind enemy lines by Australians and New Zealanders in World War 2. These incredible heroes, drawn from the best of the navy, army and air force, were key to some of the most deadly and dangerous secret operations of the war. Descriptions of what these men – and women – went through are simply astounding and should never be forgotten.

The stories include the daring commando raid on the dry dock at St Nazaire; a heroic midget submarine attack on the German battleship Tirpitz; a staggeringly bold canoe raid laying limpet mines on Japanese ships in Singapore and the disastrous attempt to recreate the raid a year later; the lone bravery of the coast watchers – including one woman who defied the Japanese and kept transmitting; Kiwis of the Long Range Desert Group; the famous Dam Busters bombing raid and men armed only with guts and guile in the Great Escape; fighting alongside headhunters in Borneo and wild tribal warriors in Ethiopia. The stories also include individual acts of extreme heroism such as the Australian woman who fought alongside the French Resistance for years, and the commando who was left alone to fight against overwhelming odds on a Pacific Island.



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Interviewers' Comments

“A cracking read….forget the novels, this is the real thing and it is incredible”
Scott Levi, ABC Central Coast

“Incredible stories…..a great book – it brings out the Australian character of resourcefulness, resilience, courage and mateship. You capture that in your book and put it beautifully.”
Miranda Devine 2GB
Interview starts at 29 minutes into podcast

“These are great stories that you are telling…”
Mark Colvin, PM program ABC Radio August 26 2015.