How Australia and its Allies betrayed our Anzacs and let Nazi and Japanese war criminals go free.

Experiments on living Australian prisoners of war; Australians fighting in Nazi uniforms; Nazis hired by ASIO and encouraged to settle in Australia; the Pope, CIA and MI6 helping the worst Nazi war criminals escape justice; Allied corporations trading with the enemy; US multi-millionaires financing Hitler and plotting a fascist coup in Washington; bizarre experiments by Japanese scientists cutting up POWs while still alive and dropping plague flea bombs; the undercover operation to get Nazi and Japanese scientists to work for Australia, the US and UK…..these are just some of the incredible buried stories revealed in Traitors.

The book reveals the reasons why Australia and the Allies let so many Nazi and Japanese war criminals go free after the war. It also delves into the question of whether Tasmanian swashbuckling hero Errol Flynn was a Nazi spy – many of his best friends certainly were.

An extraordinary series of revelations of the dark hidden side of World War Two, an ugly side of war that was buried deep where it was never meant to see the light of day…..until now.



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