Freddie McEvoy was the first Australian to win a medal at any Winter Olympics, world champion several times over in bobsledding and amateur racing car driver who mixed it with the best in the world. He was also a bounder, cad, scoundrel, rascally rapscallion, rake, lover, brawler, black-marketeer, smuggler, suspected Nazi spy and suspected Allied double agent.

He was a playboy who cavorted with the rich and famous of the 1930s and 40s, a dashing charmer who always seemed to have money although he never worked for a living, and he was the swashbuckling best mate of Hollywood star swashbuckler and fellow Aussie larrikin Errol Flynn. Armed only with his charm, wit and his skills in the bedroom, Freddie set out to win the hearts – and money – of wealthy women to support his extravagant and scandalous life. And they couldn’t pay up fast enough!

Freddie was the original international man of mystery - pursued by the FBI, the CIA and MI6 until a mysterious yacht wreck off the coast of Morocco where he died a hero - or did he? His death haunted the Australian Menzies government for the next 13 years.

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